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What we do

We provide investors exclusive access to attractive investment opportunities in prime locations in Croatia. Our team of experts covers every aspect of a high-quality real estate project development, allowing us to maximise potential at every phase of the project. We represent a one-stop shop and as such we provide excellent service for institutional investors, including project planning and development, financing, legal and regulatory compliance, and risk management.

Along Adriatic coast

Our operational reach extends along Adriatic coast, encompassing diverse regions such as Istria, Kvarner (with a prominent focus on Opatija and the island of Krk), and Dalmatia. We diversify across these distinct regions by investing in different classes of assets, ensuring a well-rounded investment portfolio suitable to various investor preferences.

Our initiative ensures prudent investments in well-planned and structured developments, aiming for capital appreciation, inflation hedging and long-term returns.

Our Investment strategies



We leverage our network to buy distressed assets at competitive prices with significant growth potential. We increase value in these assets through different strategies depending on market conditions.


We meticulously identify exceptional investment opportunities with significant appreciation potential. Our continuous deal flow allows us to cherry pick only real estate with the best risk reward ratios.

Strategic Land Acquisitions for Future Development

We use our insights and industry expertise to strategically identify locations suitable for future development. This forward-looking strategy enables us to have projects in pipeline, ready for future investments, establishing a solid foundation for sustained financial growth.


We strategically engage in projects in prime locations to develop high-end serviced residences that we can either sell or hold in portfolio for long term returns depending on demand.

Our core market: Croatia

Real estate offers potential for capital gains and acts as protection against inflation at the same time. Strong tourism sector and limited supply of quality projects drive demand, placing real estate in Croatia an attractive investment asset class, offering significant appreciation potential.

The property market in Croatia has been experiencing steady growth, with high demand from both local and foreign buyers. The country's strategic location in the heart of the Mediterranean, favourable climate, and affordability have contributed to its popularity as a destination for tourism as well as retirement and second home.


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