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We have different options for structuring investments to meet regulatory requirements and individual needs of each client. We consider your specific circumstances when developing customized investment solutions that can help you achieve your financial goals, focusing on capital protection and appreciation.

We provide you with the resources and expertise you need to make informed investment decisions when allocating capital in in Croatia. We grow with you and work with you to turn your visions into reality.

We have two investment options in place:

Investment Pool

Our real estate investment pool operates as an investment fund allocating capital into a diversified portfolio of properties. Sunwest oversees asset selection and management, providing returns through sales, rental income, and property appreciation. This framework enables investing in a well-rounded portfolio and investors benefit from liquidity, professional management, and risk mitigation.

Equity partnership

We offer investors the opportunity to partner with us in our real estate projects as limited partners (LP). We act as a general partner (GP) and our primary responsibility is to oversee and coordinate development and management of the venture. We function as the central point of contact for all stakeholders involved, including the investors, developers, contractors, and other key parties. We manage all aspects of a real estate project such as Project management, Financing, Legal Compliance, Investor Relations, and Risk Management. Our goal as a GP in this real estate joint venture is to maximise investment returns by ensuring efficient project execution, effective communication, and diligent risk management. We strive to create value and deliver a successful real estate project that meets the expectations and objectives of our investors.  

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