At Sunwest, we develop high-yield investment solutions, helping investors achieve their financial goals through responsible and profitable investments in the real estate sector in Croatia. Our strength lies in our committed team of experts, capable of overseeing every phase of project development. We draw on a network of experts and strategic partners to secure exclusive deals, with a particular focus on high-end residential and hotel resort developments. Our project selection process is geared towards delivering substantial value for our investors, facilitated by a continuous flow of real estate opportunities.

Our mission is to create value and help institutional and private investors looking to expand into the Croatian market, by offering strategic real estate ventures that deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Our vision is to become a leading investment platform for institutional investors in the Adriatic region offering a full range of investment strategies in the real estate sector.

“In parallel with our real estate endeavours, Sunwest is strategically diversifying its investment portfolio to include renewable energy projects, including solar and wind. By recognizing the vital role of clean energy, this expansion aligns with our commitment to sustainable investing and offers the potential for both financial returns and positive environmental impact.”


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